A CHRISTCHURCH-based hydration company has been named as the official partner of Ironman races across Europe.

Precision Fuel and Hydration has been announced as the official hydration partner of the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 European Triathlon Series.

The company’s PH 1000 electrolyte drink will be available on-course at all 2024 European events, including the world championships in Nice.

The drink contains around double the amount of sodium in a typical sports drink and is designed to enable athletes to personalise their hydration strategy as everybody loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat.

It aims to meet the needs of the average athlete, who loses around 950mg of sodium per litre of sweat, according to sweat tests carried out by PF&H.

The drink is Informed Sport Certified.

Bournemouth Echo: Precision Fuel & Hydration will be the official hydration partner at Tenby's IRONMAN event

"Having raced IRONMAN triathlons as a pro back in the early 2000s, I’m delighted that PF&H is now an official partner,” PF&H’s CEO Andy Blow said.

“It was my own experiences with hydration and cramping issues at Kona that led to the founding of our business back in 2011 and we’ve been helping athletes get “the fourth discipline” right at IRONMAN events ever since.”

Declan Byrne, head of operations, Europe, Midde East & Africa, said: “We are really excited to welcome Precision Fuel & Hydration as an official partner for our European IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 triathlons.

“Through this new partnership, we hope to encourage our athletes to take a personalized approach to their hydration strategy on race day, helping them perform and feel their best.”

As well as providing Ironman participants with on-course hydration, all events in the European Ironman and Ironman 70.3 calendar have been added to the PF&H free Fuel and Hydration Planner.

This allows athletes to get personalised advice for their event and they will be able to book free video consultations.

These will mean athletes can get their nutrition questions answered by PF&H’s dedicated athlete support squad.

The business already provides hydration for world-class triathletes, including Emma Pallant-Browne, Leon Chevalier, Fenella Langridge and Jason West.

For more information, visit the Precious Fuel and Hydration and the Ironman websites.