We asked Facebook group We Grew Up In Bournemouth and Poole which old Dorset nightclubs they would like to bring back.

Here is what they said:


Club Epic in Bargates has closed its doors and filed a planning application for a shop and flats submitted to Christchurch Borough Council in 2013.

Due to the fall in customers, the usage was not deemed appropriate, with the owners proposing to change it to the store and keep the existing flat.

Bournemouth Echo: Club Epic.

The state of the club inside meant it was not economically feasible to refurbish it with the nightclub described as oversized, redundant and commercially unviable.

The club was previously known as Coach and Horses, Horse and Groom, Kiss, The Highlander, Highlander IV, Hype, Reef and Thomas Tripp Late and Live.


Tower Park leisure complex opened in 1989 and with it came the nightclub the Venue.

The nightspot was one of the most popular nightclubs in the area for most of the 1990s.

But it went the same way as other attractions at the centre, such as Ice Trax and Colann.

Bournemouth Echo: Venue.

Owners Rank Leisure stated only that it was “no longer a commercially viable option.”

The Venue opened again briefly in 2002 but was very short-lived.

Jumpin Jaks

The fun bar in Bournemouth closed its doors without warning in January 2009.

Jumpin Jaks, also a live entertainment and party venue, ceased trading at the town’s Waterfront Complex last weekend.

Bournemouth Echo: Opening Night of Jumpin Jaks.

Jumpin Jaks formed part of the controversial £20million Waterfront complex on the former Pier Approach baths site, which provoked fury among local people and visitors and was even given the title of “Britain’s Ugiest Building.”

Critics said the building destroyed views across the bay and numerous campaigns were launched to have it knocked down.

When it first opened there was also an Exchange Bar and Grill.

Zig Zags

The vibrant nightclub scene in Bournemouth saw Zig Zag become a popular spot for party-goers during its seven years of operation.

Its strategic location on Fir Vale Road made it easily accessible for locals and visitors alike.

Bournemouth Echo: Zig Zag.

The transition of the site from Zig Zag to Cage and Zoo, and now to Cameo nightclub, reflects the evolution of nightlife in the area over the years.

Zig Zag opened in 1984 and closed in 1991.