RESIDENTS are 'distraught' at the news that another GP surgery is closing in Winton. 

Banks' Surgery on Wimborne Road, Winton, has announced that the medical centre will close by the of the year. 

It is reported that patients will be relocated to the practice's partner centre at Bearwood, which has undergone an expansion. 

The scheme for the existing medical centre in Knights Road, Bearwood, involves creating a link to an empty first-floor area of the adjoining Co-op store.

The expansion provides five more consulting rooms, two extra treatment rooms, a dedicated phlebotomy room and additional administration, meeting and waiting space.

Dr Yasser Kerim and Dr Hetty Bostock from Banks and Bearwood Medical Practice said: "We can confirm that, for reasons outside our control, the current site of Banks' surgery will not be available to use from the end of this year.

"We recognise that this may cause some people concern. However, we would like to reassure all patients registered with the practice that services will continue as usual from both sites while we work with NHS Dorset and BCP council on a long-term solution."

A woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, said her elderly mother attends the surgery and was told the surgery will close in the autumn. 

She said: "I visited my mother's fabulous Banks' Surgery in Winton and am sad to say we learnt that it will be closing.

"Patients will need to go to the Bearwood surgery instead. 

"The receptionists are very upset, and I'm sure many patients will feel the same as my elderly mother, who is distraught.

"Her choice is going to Bearwood for appointments or trying to find another nearby surgery to join, with staff who know nothing about her medical history.

"I know the pressure the few remaining local surgeries are feeling because other doctor's surgeries in the area have closed. 

"Most notably, Alma Road.

"It's been suggested she take a taxi to Bearwood if she can't manage a bus or get a lift. The journey, by any transport, will be substantial."

Dr Yasser Kerim and Dr Hetty Bostock added: "The health and well-being of our patients are at the forefront of our decisions, and we will ensure they are all kept informed over the coming months."

NHS Dorset ICB commented: "The practice team at Banks and Bearwood Medical Practice are having ongoing conversations about the Banks practice building, which will potentially become unavailable for use in the future."