PLANS have been lodged for a new car wash and valeting service at Castlepoint.

The shopping centre submitted the plans to BCP Council for permission to operate the hand car washing and valeting service in the lower ground level in the centre’s car park.

If approved, two cabins would also be built, as well as new canopies and a low-level dividing wall in the car park, at the expense of four car parking spaces.

A covering letter sent to the council by Montagu Evans on behalf of the applicant said that this loss of parking was considered ‘de minimis’ within the context of the 2,800-space car park.

The letter said that the car wash and valeting service would be open between 9am and 6pm, corresponding with the opening times of the shops at the centre.

It would be located in the south west of the car park and would create a total of six new jobs, but this may vary, depending on demand and footfall.

The letter outlined that approval had already been granted for a similar application from Castlepoint for a car wash and valeting services.

This was initially approved in 2014, but the letter said: “It is understood that the facilities were required to be temporarily removed to enable car park repair works.”

Further permission was then granted in September 2023, with the fresh application superseding this one.

The letter said: “The proposed external changes are in-keeping with the rest of the shopping park, and the proposal is also acceptable from a transport and highways perspective.

“The proposals will provide additional services to visiting customers and create a number of new jobs at the site.

“As such, the proposed development accords with the relevant policies in the Development Plan and will deliver tangible and material benefits.

“There are no other material considerations to outweigh this conclusion and we request that the Council approve the application without delay.”

In March, TUI confirmed that it would open a new branch at Castlepoint, with the store anticipated to open in June.