I STRONGLY object to the Echo's reporting of the demonstration about traffic in Poole park in Wednesday's paper.

Your headline 'Poole Park should stay open to traffic ' is misleading.

BCP Council has no plans to close the park to traffic, the entrances off Sandbanks Road and near the Bus Station will remain open.

However the entrance near Whitecliff will remain closed.

This allows a small area of the park to be largely traffic free, making it safer for the large amount of wildlife in the area near the two lakes, and better for walkers, runners and other users who do not welcome a constant procession of cars.

Also it reduces overall traffic as it stops the park being used as a short cut from areas such as Canford Cliffs to Poole town centre.

Poole Park is a greatly valued resource, yet if the protestors have their way, it will become just another busy road.

What BCP Council has done is a fair compromise.

Philip Sandom

Farcorft Road,