CONCERNS have been raised over a holiday rental causing ‘disruption’ in a residential area.

The holiday home to the rear of 10 Coppice Close in St Ives has been brought to the attention of St Leonards and St Ives Parish Council.

It follows a retrospective planning application submitted by its owners to retain its use as a holiday let.

The application has received objections from neighbours, who have complained about noise, privacy and increased parking in their ‘quiet cul-de-sac’.

One resident of Coppice Close said: “Several neighbours have already had a number of ‘guests’ knocking on their doors looking for the AirBnB.

“My daughter was woken early for five days in a row as one ‘guest’ parked his truck on the road outside.

“I have had several guests use my drive to turn their cars around.”

The resident added: “I do not feel that this type of building is in keeping with the rest of the neighbourhood.”

Anther Coppice Close resident said: “The said building backs onto our back garden and we are concerned about extra noise especially in the summer months when using the garden.”

St Leonards and St Ives Parish Council’s planning committee discussed the scheme at their April meeting.

Members had “concerns that an unacceptable level of noise and light pollution will be produced by holidaying visitors staying in the building”.

The meeting minutes said: “The area the building is located in is a quiet, peaceful, residential area where residents enjoy their amenity spaces without unnecessary noise and light pollution.

“This application has the potential to significantly disrupt residents’ ability to enjoy their amenity spaces.

“Feedback from residents has indicated that disruption to parking in the area has already been experienced.”

St Leonards and St Ives Parish Council decided to object to the planning application.

The committee said if the application is granted by Dorset Council, it will request that a condition be included to control and prevent nuisance parking by holidaying visitors.

It also requests that conditions are included which control and regulate times that movement, light and noise are permitted.