HARRY Redknapp, Superdry and Mercedes Benz are just a flavour of some of its customers. 

But Poole-based web design firm Except Best has said in the past three months it has experienced an influx of new business. 

More than 400 clients are being served across the globe and the business says that is growing thanks to it moving into the biggest office space available in the Arena office in Holyrood Close in Poole

Bosses at Expect Best say they were impressed by the “vibrant business environment and customisable solutions” at Arena. 

The mezzanine-style expanded workspace spans two floors, offering ample room to accommodate the growing team and facilitate future expansion. 

Alex Dibben, managing director of Expect Best, said: “Since making a move to Arena in February, we have acquired many new clients.  

“At this business centre, there is a huge range of businesses under one roof, which is helping us to boost our connections and expand our client base.  

“We have more than 50 brand new clients hosted on our servers, which has allowed us to expand the size of our team by more than a quarter. 

“We are very happy with what Arena has provided for us. The friendly staff are excellent at accommodating us and our clients, which in turn will help our business to continue to grow. Everything is well-managed and nothing is too much of a hassle. 

“One thing we particularly love about Arena is that we aren’t tied down to any contract - we only moved in last month, and we are already able to up-size into a new space without any trouble. 

“Thanks to Arena’s customisable office space, we no longer feel as though our growth is restricted, and we are really looking forward to moving into our bigger space.”