WHAT I find very upsetting and extremely annoying is that there's a lot of talk about trying to improve rransport, but there's little talk about opening public toilets and where ever there is transport there are people.

People of all ages we need to use public toilets whether you want to change a babies nappy, are have a disability and can't go very long without needing to use the public toilet, or have health issues or just basically need to use a toilet.

Recently I heard that Somerset Council have closed Yeovil Bus Station's public toilets to cut back their spending and people are up in arms about this and it's even been on the local ITV News. Yet sadly its a common occurrence with local councils cutting back on their budgets taking away public toilets, such as Poole Bus Station and there are no actual public toilets in Bournemouth Square Bus station and the toilets in the gardens are often shut.

Train stations have also closed toilets on the platforms and in fact many of the toilets through out Poole, Bournemouth Weymouth have been shut

So my question is to the BCP Council and also Dorset Council is where are the public supposed to go for a pee and poo? You moan because you have to clear pee and poo from the bus shelters and its costs the council a lot of money to clean it up or bus companies have to clean pee and poo that have been left on the top deck or the seats are wet.

Surely BCP and Dorset Councils should provide adequate toilets at bus and train station and around the city rather than keep shutting Public Toilets down. Why it is my opinion that ALL train and bus stations should have Public Toilets even Porto loos and 24/7 toilets at coach stations as people are either waiting to board coaches.24/7 and also there are many arrivals.

Actually, public toilets on trains and coaches are disgusting no toilet paper the toilets full of pee and poo and you can't flush them.

Come on we need proper useable toilets instead of the same old excuse public toilets are a haven for drug users, prostitution and rough sleepers, but why not employ people who out of a work or volunteers

All I can say myself is that age 63 and disabled I am worried that I may get arrested by police for peeing and pooing behind hedges, wheelie bins and behind cars all because there are no public toilets.

Come on BCP and Dorset councils pull your finger out as well as bus companies.

Elaine Glover