The Durley Hall Hotel in Bournemouth has a history that stretches back more than a century. 

Although there is no exact date of its construction, things began with a grand villa on Bournemouth's West Cliff before it became a hotel.

The villa wasn't always the substantial building it is today. Over time, additional wings were constructed on either side, increasing its capacity.

The ambition to accommodate more guests didn't stop there. The hotel's footprint extended along Marlborough Road, eventually incorporating two more villas located behind the original structure.

An interesting detail emerged in 1958. Parliamentary records indicate the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority acquired Durley Hall Hotel and surrounding buildings. The purpose was likely to house scientists working at Winfrith Heath in Dorset.

In April 2009, the Durley Hall Hotel underwent a change in ownership. Hallmark Hotels Limited took over the reins, and the hotel's name likely shifted to Hallmark Hotel at that time.

While details about the exact date of construction and the early years of operation are elusive, we can certainly say the Durley Hall Hotel has served Bournemouth for a long time. It's evolved from a grand villa to a substantial hotel establishment, and its history reflects Bournemouth's own growth as a popular tourist destination.