A BLIND pensioner could be out on the streets by the end of the week, claiming he is ‘being passed around’ by Dorset and BCP councils. 

Brian Robinson, 78, left his flat in Wellington Court, Weymouth, some six months ago over a disagreement over a rental price rise. 

The retired security guard moved to Travelodge in Christchurch Road, Boscombe where he has been living since. 

Mr Robinson said he must leave the hotel at the end of the week “because the summer season is approaching”, and paid nearly £500 for his final week.

Bournemouth Echo: Travelodge in Christchurch RoadTravelodge in Christchurch Road

Mr Robinson, who lives with his guide dog Zena, said the councils are “happy to see him die in the streets”. 

He said: “This is really affecting my health: I’ve had x-rays done, my breathing is bad, it’s very stressful... I can’t do this anymore. 

“After moving me to Bournemouth, Dorset Council said I’m not in their district so they can’t help me anymore. 

“I’m being passed around, nobody is taking responsibility or helping me find a home. If I didn’t pay the £500 I would be on the streets today.” 

Mr Robinson said he has got no family to rely on and help him and is living on his own with his dog Zena. 

Moving across the county late last year has also come with considerable costs for the pensioner: he paid £84 for a taxi from Weymouth to Boscombe along with some of his belongings and those that didn’t make it have been in storage, costing him £50 a week or £200 a month. 

“Dorset Council don’t want to know about it,” he added. “They’re as stubborn as a wooden table.” 

A spokesman for BCP Council said: “We are aware of Mr Robinson’s situation and, following an assessment, relevant housing advice and assistance has been provided to him, including an offer to support him in accessing housing assistance from Dorset Council – the area which he is from. Following this, he has withdrawn his application to BCP.

“We are working together with Dorset Council to support Mr Robinson, who is able to make a further homeless application to Dorset."

Dorset Council's spokesman added: “Both Dorset and BCP Councils are aware of Mr Robinson’s situation.

"BCP has offered him housing advice and Mr Robinson has been previously referred to Dorset for help due to having no local connection in the area.

"Dorset Council is happy to work with Mr Robinson should he choose to make a new approach for homelessness assistance and his case will be assessed on its merits.”