A PAIR of Dorset Police dogs are taking a well-needed rest after helping to track down four men after a fail-to-stop incident in Shaftesbury.

After being found, the three men decided to make a run for it in a field.

The police dogs were deployed and subsequently located the men.  

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: “This incident relates to a vehicle reportedly failing to stop at around 11.30pm on Thursday 2 May 2024 in the Shaftesbury area of the county.

"Officers followed the vehicle and it was stopped near Blandford.

“Four men - all from Bath and aged between 18 and 21 - were detained and subsequently arrested on suspicion of driving offences and possession of a class B drug.”

One of the dog handlers posted on social media which read: “After some time off to allow Goose to fully recover from a recent injury, she was straight back to it.

“RPU had a pursuit decamp nr. Blandford. NPAS located 3 in a field on our arrival. They decided to run, so Goose was deployed. 3 detained.”