MURDERS, fires, and more are revealed in what are supposedly the most haunted places in Dorset.

Several locations across Dorset are known to have attracted paranormal activity.

Today (May 3) is National Paranormal Day, a time that celebrates and encourages discussion of paranormal activity and investigation.

Bournemouth Echo:

Bournemouth Town Hall was originally a military hospital in the First World War.

Amongst the stories is the ghost of a nurse from the First World War who is said to enter the building and then vanish whilst mostly being seen in autumn.

There is also a young girl who is around 10 years old that has reportedly been seen on the staircase and a Scotsman playing the bagpipes has also been witnessed.

Bournemouth Echo:

Durdle Door in Lulworth is familiar with spirits.

According to HauntedRooms, ‘this mysterious formation has been the scene of hauntings, including a report by a sailor anchored at Durdle Door.

‘He claims to have heard a scream coming from the shore.

‘When looking out to see where the noises were coming from, he saw a group of young girls who appeared from the water, danced, and then disappeared.

‘It is alleged that they could have been the ghosts of maidservants that fled the fire at nearby Lulworth Castle in 1929. The Castle was restored in the 1970s.’

Bournemouth Echo: Poole Museum.

Poole Museum in Dorset is also listed as one of the most haunted places in Dorset.

It is believed that a maid named Agnes Beard was murdered at the house in 1598, and there are suggestions that her ghost still haunts the house.

The ghost they are believed to have seen is that of a man in a bowler hat, standing in the first-floor Solar Room.

Bournemouth Echo:

A woman also believes to have caught evidence of ghostly activity at Knowlton Church in Dorset.

Cheryl, a Salisbury resident, shared photographs from her visit to the church where she believes she saw a ghost.

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Bournemouth Echo:

The Crown Hotel in the Old Town area of Poole is said to have been home to two children who were locked up by a parent and left to die.

People have since claimed to be able to hear two children crying and yelling in the Market Street building.