A RESIDENT has warned a 'Mexican stand-off' in Poole Park, which creates traffic, should be a warning to the BCP Council about summer congestion.

Oakdale resident Justin Midgley, 54, complained about a build-up of traffic after a double-decker bus and whmini-bus-bus were left in a stand-off, unable to pass. 

The Whitecliff Gate offered a route out, but Justin says the gate closure has meant more traffic and no vehicle escape.

He said: "I was visiting the park to take some photos and planning to go to Sandbanks, so I headed to Seldown and got caught behind the double-decker. 

"He then encountered mini-buses buses from Winchelsea School, and it obviously couldn't get past them. Luckily, there are some empty disabled bays that the van could manoeuvre in and out of."

While this was occurring, traffic began to build up behind Justin through the park, getting increasingly worse in quiet times. 

While ultimately stuck for 10 minutes, Justin believes it was a lucky situation because if the disabled bays were full, the vans would have had to reverse. 

He said: "It would create issues because it's a one-way road, it's not got space for two cars in the summer with traffic behind asking them all to back up one at a time.

"They've [BCP Council] gone a bit over the top on the width and narrowed the road in that particular area. 

"You add to the pollution sitting there running your car but the main concern is what happens when somebody needs an ambulance in the summer and nobody is moving for an hour."

Poole Park's Whitecliff Gate has been closed to vehicles since January 17 and has been met with strong opposition.

Several protests have been held in retaliation, and Justin is one of many who wishes for the gate to reopen. 

He said: "Opening up the other gate relieves traffic from both directions by maybe 50 per cent improvement.

"There's a lot of things they could do to resolve the safety issue without shutt-ing the entire gate and clogging the whole park up."

A BCP Spokesperson said: “A report concerning the trial gate closure at Poole Park and its impact on the area is due to be discussed by both the Environment and Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee, and Cabinet later this month.

"Buses are not authorised to enter the road towards Whitecliff Gate."