IT IS often said that the best business ideas come from solving the every day problems encountered by people. 

And it was when Jack Bradley became frustrated by his impractical and unreliable backpack while travelling on a train through Eastern Europe that he came up with his bright idea. 

The 27-year-old Poole-based entrepreneur started his solution to the inefficient backpack – called the Zenscape – with some sketches on the train. 

He developed the idea of a simple but deceptively roomy backpack that makes travel more efficient.  

The concept was further evolved while Jack studied product design as part of his final year project at Staffordshire University. 

Bournemouth Echo: Zenscape

After winning the New Designers award in 2017, Jack honed his skills at design agencies and travelled more. 

Following a collaboration with a fashion design agency that helped bring the Zenscape to life, the backpack has since undergone rigorous testing, going on numerous backpacking adventures to test the quality and concept.  

Fourteen generations of prototypes and samples and Jack is ready to go. 

The Zenscape backpack is a “versatile” 30-50 litre carry-on with a “pioneering” built-in expandable wardrobe.  

Other features include secure access on the move with the main zip positioned against your back, and roll-top closure to ensure the safety of items, as well as a hidden quick access passport pocket.  

In February, Jack launched his ‘kickstarter’ campaign for Zenscape with the aim of raising £30,000. 

The entrepreneur said: “I think the world would be a better place if more people travelled and experienced it first hand. 

“Our mission with the Zenscape backpack is to help expand horizons by making life on the move simpler and more efficient.” 

Jack works from the Foundry, a new office space based in the Dolphin Centre in Poole.

According to Jack's website, his mission is to "expand horizons through making life on the move simple".

He added: "The team has also expanded to include a network of specialised contacts, covering aspects from branding and marketing to logistics.

"We have also been on multiple visits to the factory in Vietnam finalising the design ready to scale up. We are committed to high quality and ethical practices, sharing the same factory as other well known brands."