HUNDREDS of writers, authors and families came to a writing festival that has been hailed as a ‘resounding success’.

The second Bournemouth Writing Festival saw attendees come from as far away as Singapore for three days of events to inspire writers in Bournemouth town centre.

Family friendly activities were led by children’s authors, professional poets and writers in The Avenue and the Bandstand.

Pavilion Dance hosted talks and workshops on a range of topics, including how to plot a novel, self-published vs traditional publishing and writing a first full length book.

Bournemouth Echo: It hosted a range of talks and activities.

Literary agents were stationed at Bobbys speaking to aspiring authors for private sessions, giving feedback and, in some cases, asking to see full manuscripts.

The festival made the most of the weather and Bournemouth’s scenery, with a writing on the beach activity and a sold-out literary walk of Bournemouth, led by Hattie Miles.

On Sunday, winners of the festival’s competitions were announced.

The first was a nature-themed writing competition for Dorset school and home-educated children, with the winning entries soon to be displayed in all BCP libraries.

Bournemouth Echo: The festival made the most of Bournemouth's scenery.

Winners of the poetry and flash fiction writing competition were presented with a copy of the resulting anthology.

This was released on Friday, April 26, and was number one on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list.

One festival attendee, Alison Nuorto, said it was a ‘wonderful experience’.

“On a personal level, I've made some great contacts and some lovely new friends,” Alison said.

Bournemouth Echo: Winners of the festival's competitions were announced on Sunday.

“It has also given me the impetus - and the proverbial kick I sorely needed - to finally make a start on my novel.

“That, to me, is invaluable and you really can't put a price on that.”

Dominic Wong, festival director, said: “The positivity and enthusiasm from the attendees, speakers and volunteers has been overwhelming.

“I am absolutely delighted to shine a light on the incredibly diverse creative scene, community groups and talented writers we have here in Bournemouth, in an inclusive and accessible event.

“The 2025 festival is currently in the works.”

Bournemouth Echo: Talks and activities across the town centre.

Paul Kinvig, COO of the Town Cente BID said: “This festival goes from success to success.

“It reflects not only the wonderful creative environment that we have here, but also the way cultural events, when structured and operated effectively, have a real impact on the businesses in the town centre.

“We’re already looking forward to next year.”