WHITEFOX Chartered Surveyors has partnered with the Poole Property Club at an event to celebrate the club's first birthday party. 

The evening was described as a 'glamorous affair' with 90 members coming together at South Deep in Poole to mark the occasion.

Whitefox managing director Darren Frias-Robles said: "We have been partnering with the Poole Property Club since their launch a year ago.

"It's been a fantastic collaboration for us as a business, a brilliant way to stay connected with our colleagues in the sector, but also an opportunity to make new connections and friendships."

"Poole Property Club has attracted an impressive line-up of members, and we are really pleased to be involved as a partner."

Poole Property Club opened in April 2023 and is open to professionals and businesses that work within the construction cycle.

The club acts as a support network, aiming to improve its members' connections and business operations and 'support the redevelopment of Poole within a relaxed and social environment.'

It is made up of BCP resident businesses, as well as national developers and funders, and is focused on helping people connect.

Poole Property Club founders, Keeley Fox and Heidi Munro, said: "Today's birthday celebrations have been a wonderful occasion enjoyed by everyone, so much fun and in a relaxed atmosphere, in a great location and networking with elite leaders within the property sector."