The hall of Ringwood School became enchanted, magically transforming into a whimsical wonderland for the young children of the market town.

On a sunny day in March 1980, the fourth and fifth-grade students organized a delightful playday for local toddlers filled with climbing frames, tumbling mats, and mini-trampolines borrowed from nearby playgroups.

Exploring their artistic inclinations, children in the imaginative corner unleash their creativity using a mix of paints, glue, nails, and wood scraps.

Some were captivated by the classic Tom and Jerry cartoons playing in the background, while others engrossed themselves in colourful nursery books borrowed from the Ringwood Library.

Bournemouth Echo:

A charming petting zoo showcased beloved animals - Micky the donkey, Rusty the horse, and three adorable piglets - all under the care of school caretaker, Bill Randall.

Families took advantage of the opportunity to relax and unwind. Mums had the chance to attend a cooking presentation and fashion exhibition, while dads enjoyed watching the Grand National in the conference hall.