A MULTI award-winning dog salon offering specialist grooming at two different sites across Dorset is Daily Echo’s Trader of the Week.

Rosie Bradshaw owns Pawfectly, a pet grooming salon in Parkstone and Christchurch.

The groomers have also won multiple titles including ‘Best Dog Grooming Spa 2024’ in the South West of England.

Bournemouth Echo:

Speaking on the business, Rosie said: “Everything we do is centred around each dog feeling happy and confident throughout their groom.

“A lot of the dogs who come to us have anxieties around grooming, we aim to rehabilitate and retrain them to build their confidence so they can enjoy grooming again.

“We focus on positive reinforcement-based training and use our extensive knowledge and understanding of canine psychology to tailor each groom to the dog and their needs.

“We also specialise in the more severe areas of anxious and or aggressive dogs to help the doggies who have more complex needs.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Speaking on the inspiration behind Pawfectly, Rosie added: “After seeing my pets come back from the groomers upset, distressed, not quite right, or sometimes even injured, I couldn’t allow it to continue and felt it was time for change.

“I realised I was not the only dog parent with these concerns and wanted to create a safe haven for doggies to have their grooms.

“I knew I wasn’t going to revolutionise the dog grooming industry overnight. However, I was determined to make a difference in the industry.”

As a dog lover herself, Rosie lives with Eric and Arthur, her two dogs.

Bournemouth Echo:

“After meeting so many dogs with behavioural concerns towards dog grooming as a result of uncaring treatment and negative experiences at prior groomers, and rehabilitating these dogs to understand grooming was not such a bad thing, I knew more dogs needed help. 

“Pawfectly has now blossomed into the multi-award winning spa that it is today and I have had the honour of branching out into more specialised services with my extensive knowledge and understanding.”

Pawfectly can be found on Bargates, Christchurch and Ashley Road, Poole.