AN INDEPENDENT business in Ringwood has been left increasingly frustrated at a road closure, which has affected its trade.

Price’s Fish and Chips said it has taken a ‘big financial hit’ due to road closures, which block customers from accessing the shop and delivery drivers from leaving the premises.

The fish and chip shop in Christchurch Road was forced to close for two days in March after receiving a letter from Hampshire Highways saying it would be carrying out carriageway sealing works.

The owner of the chippy, James Price, made the decision to close up shop for two days to avoid disruption while the work was carried out, missing out on two days trading.

However, due to adverse weather conditions, the sealing works never took place and were rescheduled for Friday, April 26.

James said: “Friday is our busiest day for trade, so I was already quite wound up.

“It’s going to be pretty bad for business because when people see the road is closed, they will just go somewhere else.

“Financially, this closure will hit us hard.”

The main annoyances stemmed from the fact multiple food businesses operate in Christchurch Road, including Amarone Italian Restaurant and India Cottage, which will likely all be impacted by the road closure.

James said: “There was no thought for the businesses this was going to impact.

“With the way hospitality is at the moment, the last thing it needs is a kick in the teeth.”

James has owned Price’s Fish and Chips for seven years. He commented on the council's 'lack of thought', which was exacerbated by the letter addressed to the previous owner.

He said: “There has been no communication from the highway agency. If we had been told the works wouldn’t go ahead if it rained, then we would have stayed open.

“It wouldn’t have been difficult to talk to the businesses and agree on a time that would work better for the three businesses that it impacted.

“Most of them would agree it would be easier to do it at the beginning of the week because doing it on a Friday is a farce because it’s everyone’s biggest day.”

The Daily Echo contacted Hampshire County Council for a comment.