A new Mediterranean-tapas restaurant will open next week. 

La Mia's will throw open the doors of its new eatery on Poole Quay, next to The Quay restaurant. 

Created by married couple Ian Jervis, 49, and Carly Jervis-Goode, 43, the restaurant has been named after their daughter, Mia Jervis-Goode, 15, and will offer a wide variety of food all under £20. 

Carly said: "My dad used to be in hospitality but he passed away six years ago and I came out of the hospitality side. Then we were approached by a company who said do you want to do some catering as I do a lot of outside catering and I came down here.

"City cruises are upstairs and before my dad's passing, he worked for city cruises so it's got a lot of meaning for me. When this opportunity came up, it was like somebody was trying to tell me something."

Carly's dad, Ian Goode, died age 66 and was affectionately known as 'Mr Bournemouth'  after acting as the former manager of the Pier Theatre and Manchester Hotel. 

Beginning her own business adventure, Carly has spent hours labouring to get the restaurant ready. She was only given the keys on the week beginning April 15. 

She said: "You've got Mediterranean tapas with a fully working cocktail bar so people can just come in for a drink. 

"I think that people are going to come and feel like you're on holiday because it's all served in terracotta bowls and everything is Mediterranean down to the crockery."

While Mia has the restaurant name, Carly and Ian's other children, Isla Jervis-Goode, 8 and Eva Jervis-Goode, 6, both have cocktails named after them, alongside her father Ian who has the aptly named 'Goode-father' cocktail in his honour. 

Alongside the support from family, Carly has been blown away by local support, already taking bookings for Christmas. 

She said: "We've already got Christmas bookings and six weddings booked in. 

"There's a lot of things going on in the area so hopefully we can get Poole Quay back up to somewhere nice."