A FLY tip has been left behind Ringwood's Sue Ryder shop including furniture and glass alcohol bottles. 

The Sue Ryder shop, Meeting House Lane, Ringwood, has complained after a fly tip containing old furniture and glass alcohol bottles has attracted rats and been vandalised. 

Store manager, Joanne Penny, 50, has said the store has asked residents not to donate items when they are not in store and to ask for what they need. 

She said: "The annoying thing is we have signs up saying 'please stop these donations' and it gets completely ignored.

"Every morning I come in and it's been added to because people are seeing its there and then they are just putting more on it."

Although many of the items may be useful, Joanne said children often come along and vandalise the objects. 

She has also found objects to be unsellable after soiled by rain or other bad weather. 

She said: "All kids come along and just trash it and start playing with it. We're here to make money and it's being left outside and it could be some valuable items in there, but it ends up over the car park. 

"People aren't acknowledging it might rain so, yea, definitely a lot of theft from the back door but just people not think what we're going to do when it when it's soaking."

Joanne advised that if people wish to donate to come in during opening hours so they can help take items that would be helpful to raise money for the charity. 

She said: "We do encourage most people to ask first because we do get a lot of donations and sometimes we do have to send people away but nine out of 10 times, we encourage people to walk in."

The Echo has contacted New Forest District Council for comment.