A MAN fled to Miami after repeatedly punching his disabled partner in the face for refusing sex.

Jacob Brogan launched a terrifying attack on his partner, in her own home, knowing she was physically unable to flee or fight back.

Prosecuting, Aleksander Lloyd, told Bournemouth Crown Court Brogan and Lisa Schollar had an on and off relationship since April 2023.

On June 9, 2023, the defendant asked for sex but Ms Schollar refused saying she did not feel well.

Brogan had reportedly drugged her the night before with five times the dosage of CBD oil.

The following day, on June 10, the pair drank and socialised in Poole before returning to the complainant’s address in the early hours of June 11.

Ms Schollar said she was sat on the bed with the defendant standing over her in an intimidating way and continued to talk down to her.

She told him not speak to her like that, saying they were equals, when he suddenly grabbed her by the throat.

Brogan pushed her down on the bed and repeatedly punched her in the face, while saying “this never would have happened if you had given me what I wanted”.

The defendant briefly left the room and Ms Schollar covertly began an audio recording on her phone.

“She thought if he did attack her, he would kill or rape her,” said Mr Lloyd.

“She was in genuine fear for her life.”

Following the incident Brogan said: “Would it not have been easier just to **** me.”

He then refused to leave the property until she paid for his taxi and gave him a hug.

Ms Schollar was left with a fractured cheekbone, nerve damage and on-going injuries to her eye.

She bravely told the court about the “terrifying and life-changing attack” that left her feeling suicidal.

“I was used like a punch bag.

“It was degrading to be treated like a sex object.

“I am physically disabled, unable to defend myself or run away.

“I just had to cower and wait for the blows to stop.”

Mitigating, Sarah Brown, said the defendant has a history of trauma and abuse from five years old, including being homeless in Johannesburg, South Africa, aged 15.

She added he is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and is suspected to have PTSD after being “locked in prison” in the Bahamas.

The defendant pleaded guilty to assault causing grievous bodily harm three weeks before his trial but did not attend his sentencing at Bournemouth Crown Court on April 22, 2024.

Police intel found Brogan’s bank card was last used in the departure lounge of Miami Airport in the US. 

As of May 14, Brogan is still wanted and enquiries are on-going by police to locate him. 

“It was my worse fear he would flee and evade justice,” said Ms Schollar.

“I feel let down by our legal system.”

Judge Robert Pawson said: “He has a history of making himself scarce when reckoning arrives at a criminal court.

“Mr Brogan is keen to frustrate the criminal process but not face the consequences.”

Brogan was sentenced to three years and four months in prison and issued a 12-year restraining order not to contact Ms Schollar or enter the road she lives on.