EVER noticed how governments and public bodies like to use certain words “sustainability” was a favourite, now there’s a new one, it’s called “plan” politicians are using it all the time.

It’s interesting how they use the word “plan” now they say, we have a plan, we are following the plan, the opposition have no plan, our plan is working.

I suspect we have all heard this terminology.

Here’s the crucial part, they never actually tell us what the plan is, or if they attempt to do so it’s just so wrapped up in political mumbo-jumbo, that nobody can understand it.

To me the interpretation of a plan means, or better still to give an example of one, is an action plan whereby it states what is going to be done, together with who is going to implement it, in conjunction with completion dates, that to me is a plan.

More telling perhaps is that when politicians are interviewed and say for example, our plan is working, nobody actually asks what the plan is?

Colin Moyes

Harkwood Drive,