THIS is into my third week in hospital in Poole Hospital in Durlston ward.

I was not well when I came in but on the verge of going home now with future appointments necessary and promised!

So what is my experience...well its been mixed to be honest but more of this later!

I can say, though, with absolute certainty, that from top to bottom, bottom to top whatever that means, the care I’ve received has been beyond the meaning of that word.

Compassionate, empathetic, kind, calm, professional and full of good cheer and laughter and an absolute certainty that the best they can do is the best they will do for all they care for!

All this carried out by the most diverse of people from so many different places...lovely, magnificent human beings. Diverse yet wonderful in what they achieve...indefatigable...simply the best!

This is Durlston Ward in Poole Hospital just before it moves to Bournemouth. I hope the love and kindness that make it what it is survives the move and I have no doubt that it will. This is the true nature of the NHS and those who work so hard in it. It is the lover of the souls of the nation and perfect it is not but where would we be without it.

I’ve just remembered that my experience here had been mixed.

My pork was a little dry but I had forgotten to order the gravy and my paracetamol were 5 minutes late!!..and that's about it.

But look at the world, value what we have and prize our NHS and the wonderful people who work in it...they are priceless and irreplaceable. Thank you for your care! I think we will meet again soon.

Bob Walters