A NEW business in Ringwood says traffic lights on the A338 have created dangerous driving which has driven customers away. 

Animal Avenue says the lights have caused issued due to dangerous drivers hoping to cut through traffic

Owners Jacob Clark, 21, and Rose Rowe, 22, opened two months ago and say the lights have decimated their community which was only just starting to build. 

"We've had a lot of customers complain about people using it [the layby] as a cut-through racing the traffic lights so that's been really dangerous.

"We had one customer specifically that she heard two SUVs nearly caused a serious collision with her as she was trying to pull into a parking spot.

"They made her feel as if she was in the wrong and then she didn't feel like she could come in."

Their first enterprise, Rose and Jacob took over the pet shop on the same location after being made redundant. 

They were initially excited by the prospect of success but say the the traffic lights have begun to make them doubt their business. 

Rose said: "We've only been open two months and it's been crucifying. We've built up so much just to have no-one turn up. 

"It's made us doubt ourselves, doubt what we're doing. We're trying to adapt with it, but its just driven people away because no one wants to wait in the hour long queues."

They both live nearby in Verwood but say it takes them an hour to get into work. 

Supposed to end on April 10, works have been continued which has made the couple worried  that no end date is in site. 

A spokesperson for SGN said: "We completed urgent gas network repairs along the A338 Salisbury Road yesterday afternoon.

"This enabled us to remove the temporary lights in place for everyone’s safety and to manage traffic flow around our work site."

"We appreciate roadworks can be frustrating for road users, residents and businesses alike, and we thank the local community for their patience while we carried out this essential work to ensure a safe and reliable supply of gas is delivered to nearby properties."