A LOVING son from Poole has paid tribute to his mum after she passed away from cancer. 

Conor Poulton, 28, has paid tribute to his mum, Molly Stevens, who died aged 67 on April 13 from lung cancer. 

He described his mum as a 'caring' and 'approachable' woman who gave all her time to help others working at St Joseph's Primary School, Poole, and the NHS, alongside fostering five children. 

Conor said: "She was well-known within the community, it was always a running joke. We'd go into town and she'd get stopped multiple times and we'd always say, who is that? She'd go I can't remember but I recognise her face.

"She gave everything to everybody else and looked after people and care for them. I think until they pass away, you don't really realise what sort of person they are."

Since her passing, Conor has said he has been overwhelmed by the response with a plethora of people getting in contact over the news. 

Beyond Molly's work for schools and the NHS, she helped several charities including Julia's House which Conor believes she helped change people's lives. 

He said: "We've had some of her oldest friends come to the family house and they were talking about her life and there was so much we didn't know.

"All she did after she was diagnosed was be positive and still support other cancer charities and still donate to Macmillan and still attend cancer events. She still always had a smile on her face."

Molly left work early 2023 when it became too much to balance work and her cancer. 

Working for Prama Care, Conor said everyone she worked with were amazing in helping her towards the end of her life. 

Conor has invited anyone who wishes to come to her funeral on April 30 at 6pm at Long Barrow Ceremony Hall, Harbour View. 

He said: "All are welcome, if they would like to join wear an item of red or dress fully in red as Mum just didn't want black."