THE COASTGUARD was called to rescue a labrador that had fallen off a cliff.

Ernie the dog became stuck 20ft down a 60ft cliff with his owner calling the Coastguard for help.

Two teams worked to rescue the dog using rope when Ernie decided he could get himself out of the tricky situation.

A spokesperson for Swanage Coastguard said: “Ernie the dog was out with his owner when suddenly he decided to explore the cliff at Peveril Point.

“The cliff was about 60 ft high, and Ernie was stuck down about 20ft when his owner called 999 for the Coastguard.

“Both Swanage and St Albans Coastguard teams were tasked to investigate locating the dog stuck.

“Setting up the rope equipment the teams were about to deploy the rope technician when suddenly Ernie decided to come back up without the help of the Coastguard teams.

“Having thanked the Coastguard teams Ernie (now on a lead) headed back to town with his owners.”