A SOUTHBOURNE resident was unable to leave her driveway after fly-tipping was dumped behind her car. 

Gemma Lafferty, 42, has been left worried after what seems to be targeted fly-tipping was left on her drive in Seafield Road on April 17, blocking her from leaving her house and getting to work.

The tip, which contained a myriad of items including letters from multiple addresses, was reported to police and has created a large reaction from neighbours.

Gemma said: "My brother called this morning because he works around the corner and he said 'Gemma, someone's fly-tipped outside your door, you're going to have to ring the council'. I looked out my window and couldn't believe it.

"I came down, took photos but there's letters in there with names and addresses on which is crazy."

Gemma quickly called the police but said she didn't get in touch with BCP Council simply because she needed the tip removed quickly due to needing to get work.

She said it has 'unnerved' neighbours, who have been seen taking photos and videos of the rubbish, as it's an area that has not experienced such behaviour before. 

She said: "The police said they'll ring the council but, to be honest, I need it cleared quicker than that. I have to get to work and I can't get my car out of the driveway which is probably the point of why its where it is.

"I'm not saying it's targeted but we've had to go through any history with things just in case it's somebody, like a revenge attack kind of thing because it looks very personal the way it's planted."

Thankfully, a group of builders offered to help and removed the rubbish which stopped her driveway and the pavement and road from being blocked.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: "Dorset Police received a report at 8.17am on Wednesday 17 April 2024 that a large amount of building materials and paint had been left on the drive of an address and in the road in Seafield Road.

"Officers will be speaking with the informant to get further details about the report."