ROAD traffic police officers seized a Bentley supercar at the side of the A31. 

Dorset Police’s traffic cops team pulled over a blacked-out Bentley Continental GT on the A31 eastbound near Ashley Heath roundabout on Wednesday morning, April 17. 

According to the officers, the car was uninsured and had no valid MOT which resulted in the driver being reported for the alleged offences. 

A spokesman for Dorset traffic cops said: “It doesn’t matter what car you drive, you still need to be insured. 

“This vehicle was stopped on the A31 near to the Ashley Heath Roundabout this morning and was found to be uninsured and not have a valid MOT. 

“The car has now been seized and the driver has been reported for no insurance and no MOT offences. 

“We will continue to patrol our county’s road networks to ensure motorists comply with these requirements and we will take positive action against anyone reportedly committing offences.” 

Driving without an MOT would likely invalidate the car insurance.  

If caught driving without insurance, it can result in a £300 fine and up to six points on your driver’s licence. 

In some cases as well as seizing the car, police could have the power to destroy it, too.