A SWAN at Poole Park was shot with an air rifle. 

The swan was taken to a wildlife centre after being found with a wound above its eye on April 11. 

A member of the public contacted Abbotsbury Swannery who then asked Wildlife Rescue Wildlife Hospital Moyles Court (WRWHMC) who took the swan into care at its practice. 

Founder of WRWHMC Mike Meeks said: "Friday morning, he had come across the water onto the mainland and the member of public phoned it in. We sent a member of the team who picked up the and brought it back to use in a very poor way. 

"When the swan came in we immediately x-rayed it and it was put on a intravenous drip overnight, given anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. I didn't know if it was going to be alive the following morning."

The swan has been kept under close watch by the wildlife rescue and is slowly picking strength, however, it is unknown when it will be released. 

Mike has remained positive on the bird's health and said it had to respond to a separate shooting event on April 13 when a seagull was shot. 

He said: "Time will tell, I would like to be positive because the bird has made such remarkable progress since it happened.

"I've caught over a thousand swans and the way this one is acting, I'd be very optimistic."

WRWHMC is registered by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a wildlife veterinary premises which means vets can operate within the rescue centre. 

Mike believes this has proved crucial as it has meant they can save thousands of wild animals, including the swan.

Mike said: "Unless you're going to provide a professional service to these creatures, they won't survive. You got to get on it straight away, know what you're doing, have vets at end.

"If that swan hadn't come here, it would have died within 24 hours. To put it on a intravenous drip, that's what saved it."