WE HAVE headline after headline announcing another huge sum being paid out to regenerate areas of BCP.

We should be doing what the Romans did, sorting out the roads - and I don't mean filling in potholes.

I mean getting rid of traffic jams by spending this money on radical changes to transport, not just trying to shuffle the existing excess of private cars around because, newflash, they just don't fit.

With traffic flowing there would be no need for taxpayer money to be spent on building projects because private investment would come in.

Holdenhurst Road is a typical case in point. Money being spent on surfacing isn't good enough.

The work should have been signing and maintaining the active travel crossings over the Wessex Way, making the side roads 30 mins parking in the day for people visiting businesses and residents' permits at night.

Wide segregated lanes for cycling all the way down using road space repurposed from car parking spaces, and pavement space.

Top that up with filling in the underpasses so you can actually get from Bournemouth Station to work in the town, 24/7 security in Poole Bus Station and Bournemouth Square and you've got yourself a solution.

So many towns and cities are taking active travel seriously and thriving.

No reason Bournemouth can't. Come on Bournemouth, catch up then keep up.

Susan Stockwell