A MAN who was killed and dismembered in Boscombe was planning to flee from his alleged murderers, a court heard.

Simon Shotton, 49, had arranged to move out of Debbie Pereira and Benjamin Atkins’ home after feeling “uncomfortable” there.

In texts sent to friend Donna Maguire before his death, Mr Shotton described Atkins as “vindictive” and "two-faced", and said, “I’m so close to wanting to smash his face in."

Ms Maguire spoke at Winchester Crown Court on Monday, where Pereira and Atkins are facing trial for Mr Shotton’s alleged murder.

She told the jury Mr Shotton sent her an “out of the blue” text late on August 17, 2023, asking if he could stay with her after complaining it was “stressful” where he was living.

This was with Pereira and Atkins in Aylesbury Road, under an arrangement where Mr Shotton would give the couple heroin to live there, the court heard.

Bournemouth Echo: The cordon in place at Aylesbury Road, BoscombeThe cordon in place at Aylesbury Road, Boscombe (Image: Daily Echo)

Ms Maguire said Mr Shotton told her that Atkins was “ungrateful” and “not happy” with what he was getting out of the deal.

She agreed that Mr Shotton could move into her house the following morning.

She told the jury: “I said to him, if you feel that uncomfortable, just pretend you're going to the shop and just leave your stuff.

"I didn't know how far away he was, or who he was staying with, but he seemed frightened.”

Mr Shotton arranged for a man called Rafel Kransinksi to collect him from Aylesbury Road on the morning of August 18.

At 6.57am on August 18, Mr Shotton called Atkins, and two minutes later, texted him saying: “Ben, I'm telling you now, you must have my money when you get back home or.”

When Mr Kransinksi texted Mr Shotton at 7.30am to say he’d be in Aylesbury Road “in the next hour”, Mr Shotton responded: “The quicker the better bro, before I end up going back to jail."

Mr Shotton also texted Mr Kransinksi to say that Atkins had stolen his wages and cigarettes, saying he “cannot keep his hands to himself”.

Mr Kransinksi text him back: “F*** them if they do not respect you."

At 8.24am, Mr Kransinksi had arrived in Aylesbury Road and texted Mr Shotton to say, "I’m outside”, but never got a reply.

Prosecutors suggest that Mr Shotton had been killed by Pereira and Atkins in the utility room of their home.

Mr Shotton's remains were found dumped around Boscombe in the weeks that followed.

Atkins has admitted to charges of perverting the course of justice, and preventing the burial of a corpse, but denies murder.

Pereira denies perverting the course of justice, preventing the burial of a corpse, and murder.

The trial continues.