MOREBUS is marking Earth Day by offering discounted travel to people living in and visiting Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding area.  

The Poole-based operator is offering anybody using its app a ticket for less than half price when purchasing a zone ABC dayrider. 

Earth Day is held on Monday, April 22 and sees people across the world from all backgrounds come together to advance sustainability and highlight the need to protect the climate and environment. 

“This means adults can enjoy unlimited travel on all our services for the whole of Earth Day for £4,” said Morebus head of communications, Nikki Honer.  

“We hope this will encourage them to leave their cars at home for the day and catch the bus instead.  

“Morebus is committed to helping improve the quality of air we breathe here, and we have been working on this in a number of ways. 

“One of these is to invest millions of pounds in new, low emissions, vehicles - with more on the way.  

“Bus travel has changed beyond recognition over recent years, and those who haven’t travelled with us recently will be amazed at the enhancements we’ve made.  

“Our buses are more frequent, have more comfortable seating, offer next stop announcements and USB charging points for smartphone users, accept mobile phone payments, as well as contactless and tap on tap off - and they sport the very latest Euro 6 low emissions engines.  

“We hope our Earth Day offer encourages more people to take the bus. If we can convert some car users, even for a few journeys, it could make a huge difference to the local environment in the long term, as well as helping ease the area’s congestion issues.” 

Anyone keen to give up their car for the day and take advantage of discounted all-day bus travel on Earth Day, can download the operator’s app and use the code EARTH24 to buy their ticket.