SWANAGE Skatepark Community Project has launched a Crowdfunder to raise £20,000 to rebuild Swanage skatepark.

The group say that in order to be award with £6,000 by Sport England, the project needs to have reached this goal by June 9 and hopes the local community will help support its rebuild. 

SSCP chairman, Lorna Haines, said: "Rebuilding the skatepark to ensure we have a fun and accessible facility will lead to more positive outcomes for the young people of Swanage.

"Wheel-based sports are known for creating a better sense of wellbeing and can attract people who wouldn’t normally engage in mainstream sports. Happier and healthier young people create positive ripples that will be felt by the rest of our community too."

According to SSCP, Swanage Town Council removed a large portion of skate ramps in 2023 when they became unsafe, and it did not have the funds to replace them. 

Now 'sorely missed' by the skating community, STC committed £15,000 to new equipment which is nowhere near enough to restore the town's skatepark. 

James Woodford from SSCP said: "When I was younger this was always a busy place, we had no idea it was only funded and provided by Lorna’s efforts. Now the skatepark and the young people of Swanage are suffering again, another setback for this generation who already lost so much due to Covid-19 lockdowns."

"This is not just about building a bigger skatepark; creating better physical infrastructure will give people of all ages an alternative social and physical outlet and bring more vitality to the town."

SSCP volunteers, led by Lorna, are working to secure local and national funding to raise £200,000 to replace and improve lost ramps.

Lorna is set to run the North Dorset Village Marathon on May 5 to raise money for Swanage skatepark.

James said: "We really need the community to get behind this. There have been loads of positive changes in the area recently, new businesses and improvements that make Purbeck a better place, let’s not stop now."