A BUS provider was forced to cancel its services after ‘youths’ attacked the vehicles with rocks and other objects.

Morebus shared on social media that the 8 and 9 routes would not be serving Turlin Moor for the rest of the evening on Saturday, April 13.

The decision was made around 10pm that night after the bus provider felt that drivers and passengers could potentially be in danger.

The post said: “Due to youths throwing rocks and objects at our buses, the 8's and 9's will not be serving Turlin Moor for the rest of the evening.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused but we cannot put our drivers and passengers in danger.”

Morebus area operations manager previously hit out at the “selfish actions” of the youths after a similar incident in Turlin Moor last year.

Buses in the area are frequently targeted by vandals with reports made in 2022 also.

Morebus and Dorset Police have been contacted for more information.