I FULLY realise that the council has financial pressures due to the debt left by the previous council and government underfunding.

It is still important that value for money is the guiding light.

If Wessex Fields was sold to UHD hospital, who are willing to pay the going rate, the there will eventually be benefits for all of us.

They wish to set up research facilities, which in turn would interest some of the best consultants who see a positive in combining their hospital duties with research.

Eventually there could be a medical school, again enticing quality staff to the area. Nobody knows what medical facilities will be required in the future, Wessex Fields would enable room for development.

If there was a sale to another body, the only room left would be to build on car parks making life harder for residents.

I sincerely hope that the council will show long term vision in selling to the hospital trust.

Our health is so important, we hope that the council makes a decision for the benefit of all the residents.

David Triplow

Upton Way,