SOME 100 dogs danced their paws off at the SoBo dog festival on Southbourne Beach.

Dorset Dogs held a fundraiser event to raise money for Merlin’s Pet Food Bank, a charity helping to feed dogs across Dorset.

Bournemouth Echo: Dorset Dogs disco event at Southbourne Beach.

Puppacinos and sausage bobbing were among the activities on offer.

Owners could kick back as their dogs tried out for doggie Olympics which saw dogs of all shapes and sizes jump over obstacles in competition for treats.

Dogs could also try ‘tequila’ shots made with bone broth and cups of goat's milk.

They were also lucky enough to have a DJ at the disco.

Bournemouth Echo:

Dorset Dogs volunteer and DJ Mark said: “The day has been amazing, just loads of tiny, overstimulated dogs.

“It's been phenomenal. We've had them all jumping in and out of the ball pit. We've had competitions to see who can get through the tunnels the fastest.

“A favourite of mine would have to be playing musical sit as well, which has been great.”

Director Nicky Crowe said: “This is our big SoBo dog disco event, fundraising for Merlin's pet fee banks because we have 13 food banks now across Dorset in just a year.

“There's such a demand and with the cost-of-living crisis, so we really need to raise the funds and raise the awareness and we decided to do it through having a lot of fun.

“It’s everything that a dog would love and we're treating them like the gods that they are.

“It's kind of like if you go to a fair for kids, but it's a fair for dogs.

“We couldn't have done this without an amazing team of volunteers.

Bournemouth Echo: Dorset Dogs disco event at Southbourne Beach.

“We had some great stallholders, many of them supported us as well as donations points which is great.

“We're really trying to raise awareness of the real need of this customer crisis still going on. People can't afford to feed their pets and keep pets out of the rescue centres and we just want to help as much as we can.

The festival was hosted by Dorset Dogs and took place at SoBo Beach Café in Southbourne on April 13.

A Billion Clicks Photography was also on hand to photograph the event.