Bournemouth residents and businesses came together to celebrate those who contributed to improving the planet and the local community.

The Miss England Southwest ethical champions came together to highlight their work contributing to the local area.

The types of activities the champions participated in included, litter picking, supporting homeless people in Bournemouth, and conducting tree planting initiatives.

All these activities help showcase the characteristics of the We Do Ethical Awards to recognise and reward those actively contributing to positive change.

Among those who were recognised at the event were Bournemouth residents: Jasmine Vinod, 16, and Elena Clarke, 17.

Kelly Levell from We Do Ethical said: “The most vulnerable individuals in our community were deprived of an essential human right. Now, we can provide essential toiletries to an average of 1,200 people each month."

Kelly explained that without the help of Miss England Southwest and the individuals who support the event, they would not have been able to support the local community the way that they do now. 

The awards included The Ethical Human Award, Ethical Child Award, Ethical Business Award, and Miss England Ethical Queen Award.

The winners of the We Do Ethical Awards will be announced in May in Wolverhampton, alongside the Miss England Awards. A spokesperson for We Do Ethical said: “This event celebrates professionalism, self-care, and the beauty of purpose.”