A NEWBORN baby was born with severe brain trauma after multiple surgeries from birth - and now his family are trying to raise money to help him.

Jamie Charles was born prematurely with mum Carla and dad Jack via a caesarean due to reduced movement.

Shortly after his birth, he was rushed to Southampton Hospital after suffering a seizure.

Bournemouth Echo:

After investigation, it was discovered that Jamie had two large bleeds on his brain which required emergency surgery.

After being implanted with a temporary shunt, Jamie was able to go home and spend time with his family in Blandford after spending a month in the NICU.

Soon after going home, Jamie was rushed back to Southampton General after developing a leak because of the procedure.

After a gruelling 11 surgeries, Jamie has kept his smile up even at the hardest of times and is surrounded by the love of his family.

Bournemouth Echo:

His mum, Carla Crumpler said: “As a family, we were absolutely devastated by the initial diagnosis.

“Then every operation and complication brought so much anxiety and stress.

“This is a lifelong condition that Jamie will endure and we as parents will be reliving the trauma we’ve seen so far, every time we walk into the hospital.”

“Since November this little boy has not only defied the odds with his brain injury, proving all the doctors wrong and thriving in areas once believed to be impossible for him, he has had to endure several MRIs, both sedated and awake, ultrasounds, lumbar punctures, feeding tubes, 10 brain surgeries, brain drainage procedures and has had minimal days at home.

Bournemouth Echo:

“We don’t know what the future will hold for Jamie as we learn to meet his needs and support him in every possible way as we follow his journey, but what we do know is that this little boy does not shy away from a challenge – he really is our little superhero.”

A GoFundMe was set up by Jamie’s uncle Darren and auntie Kate who wrote: “Jamie and his inspirational mum and dad have been so strong throughout this difficult time.

“It is difficult to know at this stage what Jamie will need in the future therefore we are starting fundraising to help with any equipment, specialist care, or support Jamie and his family will need now or in the coming years.”

So far, £900 out of the target amount of £2,000 has been raised.

Donations can be made to the GoFundMe titled: ‘Jamie’s Journey’.