A CANINE rehabilitation centre offering physical and behavioural therapy is now hosting an indoor soft play for dogs.

Pawseidon, in Cabot Lane in Poole, opened in 2019 by a former Royal Marine injured on duty and is the Daily Echo’s Trader of the Week.

Owner James Hill had his military career cut shot after suffering seven gunshot wounds in 2013, losing his four-legged-friend in the same incident.

Bournemouth Echo: James Hill

After hydrotherapy helped James walk again, he decided to use his experience to help animals.

Five years later and Pawseidon has gone from strength to strength, although James said it has not been without its challenges.

“I say that beginning a business is like being in the war, but it is doing really well,” said James.

Bournemouth Echo: James Hill, owner of Pawseidon

Pawseidon continues to support the health and wellness of dogs through hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and using a water-treadmill.

However, the centre caters for all types of dogs through puppy socialisation, 1-2-1 K9 training, water confidence and its latest indoor soft play.

“The soft play started around November last year and it has been really popular,” said James.

“The girls thought I was bonkers when I pulled up with it in my van.”

Bournemouth Echo: Pawseidon indoor soft play for dogs

James originally installed the structure to support nervous puppies grow in confidence before starting their regular training, but it soon became popular for dogs of all ages.

He said: “It is hard to work with nervous dogs.

“We want them to be cheeky chappies, we can mould that into something.”

He added the indoor soft play also allows pet owners to voice any other concerns to staff regarding behaviour or health.

He said: “It also helps young kids and dogs bond.

“A lot of people will say their dog is chasing their nieces, nephews, or grandchildren is the main one.

“It teaches them how to bond and work together by bringing the human down to the dog’s level.”

Bournemouth Echo: Pawseidon's indoor soft play for dogs

The indoor soft play is privately hired for up to four dogs that are known to each other, with some customers even hosting birthday parties for their pet.

Over the years Pawseidon has become a well-respected rehabilitation facility by veterinary professionals and continues to invite local vets to visit the site.

James said: “When vets come here they are just blown away by what we offer.

“Because of my own experience with hydrotherapy I can explain how it feels and how much it helps.”

As well as offering canine treatments, the team at Pawseidon are now qualified to “train the trainers” in small animal hydrotherapy.