PLANS to demolish a used car dealership and build a new supermarket and a drive-through café have been lodged.

A new Lidl could be built on Ringwood Road in place of Harley Trent car dealership and Charles Trent used car parts store.

A drive-through coffee shop is also proposed, with the vendor ‘not locked in’ but expected to be Costa.

The site, near to the Ringwood Road double mini roundabouts, would see all the buildings demolished and replace by the supermarket and café.

The supermarket would be built at the back of the site, while the café would be built close to the road.

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A car park for 100 cars, including electric vehicle charging stations, would also be built, as well as covered parking for 30 bicycles.

The landowner, Charles Trent Property Ltd, said the buildings on site are becoming ‘surplus to requirements’ for the car recycling business.

Due to the evolution of the business, the retail element has become ‘less important’ and may be replaced by internet only services, according to a planning statement.

The statement, submitted by Ken Parke Planning Consultants on behalf of the applicant, said: “While buildings on the site are still utilised at the current time there is scope to relocate within the larger buildings or elsewhere on the site.

“Direct sales are transferring to mostly take place online with goods delivered.”

The applicant previously submitted a pre-application scheme to the council.

The local authority said plans would be refused as the land at the front of the site has been earmarked for residential development in the local plan, the planning statement said.

Concerns were also raised over road safety and the location of the supermarket, with new retail stores to be prioritised for the town and local centres.

However, the applicant said the area the new store is intended to serve does not have a local centre nearby and that a transport assessment showed that the road would remain safe.

With reference to the residential properties, the statement said: “The Council have advised that the application will be refused because the site is partially allocated for residential development.

“The allocation however does not stand up to scrutiny.

“Notwithstanding that position, the lack of suitability and deliverability at application stage are significant material considerations which outweigh the policy.”

A neighbour consultation on the plans will end on May 21. There is no set date for a decision at this stage.