I WENT to Poole today with my sister.

After coming out of the bank. I had a roll up and stubbed the minute end of my roll up on the ground. While I was walking up the high street a bloke stopped me and said that he was giving me a fine for £75 for stubbing my butt end out on the ground. Now I am a pensioner and I was frightened as he had his hood up and his face covered and I thought he was going to mug me. He then showed me his identification photo and that he worked for BCP.

What annoyed me is that where I was stood there was cigarette ends everywhere. If I had stubbed my cigarette end out on top of the litter bin it would have rolled off and gone on the ground as there are no ashtrays anywhere.

I showed him the amount of rubbish that was on the high street, plastic bags, sandwich bags, paper coffee cups but he did not want to listen about the rubbish, just my cigarette end. If councils want to tidy up the towns then this law has to be for all rubbish not just cigarette ends.

What also annoyed me is that my sister asked him 'why are you as council workers not walking around the streets at night looking for fly tippers and fining them?' as she found this morning 12 bags of loft insulation dumped down the lane where she lives.

It seems that fly tippers get away dumping mounds of rubbish anywhere and the council do nothing. Bournemouth and Poole have rubbish lying around everywhere so why are these council workers not walking around and stopping anyone that throws rubbish on the ground not just smokers with their cigarette ends.

When this worker was talking to me, a bloke threw a rolled up paper bag that had his sandwich in it and threw it on the ground . I asked him why he had not gone over and stopped the bloke.

This worker did not say anything which made me realise that this worker is only out to stop pensioners and women and was afraid to stop the bloke in case he got a lot of verbal abuse or got hit. This is so wrong to just pick on pensioners and women.

Pauline Ekins

Talbot Village,