A WOMAN has revealed her shock after her dog ate rat poison in a Bournemouth park and became seriously unwell.

Wallisdown resident Jean Berry, 74, has been told by Zurich Insurance Company via BCP Council that she will not be refunded for the poisoning of her dog by rat pellets as it was an 'act of vandalism' that led to event in Slades Farm Park.

Occurring in September, Jean has had to wait six months for a response from Zurich in which her dog ingested rat poison and almost died. 

She said: "I walk my dog every morning at about quarter to seven on Slades Farm Park and this particular morning we were walking past the pavilion and I noticed there was a box on the floor.

"I then saw the bright red poison sticks that are bring in it on the floor and i realised my dog, Ruby, had picked one up and ran off with it. I got most of it out her mouth but I didn't know what she had ingested."

Jean quickly ran Ruby to the vets who made him sick up what he had ingested and gave him charcoal to aid with the events. 

Given several check-ups following, all together it cost Jean £500 which she believes should be compensated by the council.

She said: "I am a pensioner and a widow, I'm on my own and I could do with the money back. 

"I got an email saying that they had reviewed it and they decided because it was an act of vandalism. It was the council pest people that but the damned thing down so I'm very angry they didn't pay my claim out."

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of this claim and sympathise with Ms Berry on this extremely upsetting incident.

“Given the council’s stewardship of public funds, it is necessary to have an independent system that regulates what insurance payments are made.

“We have an appointed claims handler, and we are unable to act separately and contrary to their advice or accept responsibility for accidents where a legal liability has not been demonstrated.”