A DOG owner is scared to walk her dog after being viciously attacked at a Bournemouth park.

Pam De-Wet was out on her daily walk with her French bulldog Coco at Kinson Common when a boxer dog attacked her.

After the ordeal, Pam was taken to hospital for treatment of her wounds and given a tetanus jab to avoid infection.

Bournemouth Echo:

Pam said: “I was walking my dog like normal on the path when I heard a scream, then a dog came charging down the hill at us.

“I had to pick up my dog because I've seen this dog before and it tries to get to other dogs.

“It was jumping up at me, trying to get to my dog then he bit the back of my leg.

“He then went for the side of my leg and elbow.

“The owner just walked away.

“After it happened, I hobbled away, it was very scary.

“They’d obviously seen us from the top of the hill and just bombed it towards us.

“If it had a muzzle on it, it would have been fine because it wouldn't have been able to bite me.

"I don't want to see this happen to a child or an elderly person with a dog  as this would elevate the situation to a whole new level."

Bournemouth Echo:

A concerned friend of Pam’s, Tracy Miller, said: “Pam hasn't been able to take her dog on the common since the incident as she's nervous she may encounter the dog again.

“Unfortunately, she was so shaken up by what happened that she just walked away fearing the dog would bite her again.

“We don't want the dog to suffer the consequences of this but it should definitely be muzzled in the future.”

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “We received a report on Saturday 6 April 2024 that at around 1.30pm on Friday 5 April 2024 a member of the public was bitten on the elbow and leg by another dog while they were walking their dog in the area of Kinson Common in Bournemouth.

“It was reported that the owner of the dog involved left the scene without giving their details.

“Officers will be carrying out enquiries into the incident.”