A ROMANY gypsy exhibition will be held in the New Forest in May revealing a 500-year history within the area. 

The exhibition documenting the 500-year history of Romany Gypsies in the New Forest is set to be open to the public in East Boldre village hall from May 25 to 27. 

Uncovered over more than 40 years by New Forest resident, Tony Johnson, the exhibition aims to bring awareness to the local community while fighting the often strong discrimination the ethnic group faces across the UK. 

Rebecca Johnson, PR supervisor for the exhibition, said: "For centuries, they lived peacefully alongside a lot of foresters and then with the introduction of cars and railways, a lot of people who moved into the forest gentrified it and there was a lot political upheaval  and gypsies were put into compounds.

"We're putting on this exhibition to celebrate that heritage and to celebrate the positives of the Romany community in the forest with such a wonderful and diverse history."

The exhibition will display a wide range of photos and other documents that show the arrival of the Romany to England and their culture with anyone with Romany connections invited to celebrate the archive.