A POPULAR animal sanctuary is being put in the spotlight once again for its next season on Sky.

Monkey Life, which documents the work done at the Monkey World in Wareham, is coming back for a 16th series.

The much-anticipated show will feature all the rescues and daily dramas at Monkey World - the world’s biggest primate rescue centre.

Now, the latest season will be available to watch from April 20 on a separate channel.

The 16th season was initially released on November 5 on Sky Nature.

In a post on social media, Monkey World said: “Great news for fans who haven’t seen series 16 yet, it will air from 3pm Saturday 20th April on Freeview channel Sky Mix (channel 11 for most people).

“The channel was previously called Pick but has been rebranded to Sky Mix, if the channel doesn’t show up on your TV you may need to retune to update your listings.

“Two episodes will then be shown every Saturday at 3pm.

“We hope you enjoy catching up with all the primates at the park.”

The film crew also mentioned it has already started production and filming for season 17.