LITTERPICKERS in the New Forest are rating the side of roads for how bad the spot is for rubbish. 

Road users on the A35 between Lyndhurst and Hinton may have seen two scoreboards, one at either end, displaying the area’s litter score.  

The litter rating will be from A, good, to D, bad, with an overall percentage score on display based on how much litter is on the roadside.  The higher the score, the less litter. 

New Forest District Council is behind the new ‘game’ approach as it works to reducing litter across the area.

Cabinet member for the environment Geoffrey Blunden said: “If we can all act together, as people who care about the New Forest, we will keep a good score and support a greener future for us all. 

“The A35 was chosen for this latest project as, historically, the road has had an issue with littering from vehicles and would benefit from a change in people’s behaviour.  

“The game section is a direct route through some of the most protected areas of the forest where damage to plants and wildlife from litter, microplastics and chemicals could have a much wider, lasting impact.  

“Roads like the A35 are more dangerous for our teams to litter pick, needing traffic management to make it safe.  

“These traffic management procedures can cause disruptions to road users, such as blocked lanes and temporary traffic lights.  

“Litter picking roads such as the A35 is a big task for our teams, taking up to four weeks to complete.”