GRAVITY-defying bike displays and a line-up of sports cars return to take over a military museum over the May Day bank holiday weekend.

The Tank Museum will feature daring mountain bike displays and supercars in a Tracks and Wheels event on Monday, May 6.

Visitors will get to witness cycling feats from stunt cyclists from Urban Display stunt team as well as Sporting Bears, a group of classic and sports car enthusiasts who will showcase their collection.

There will also be a chance to ride in a supercar by donating to the Sporting Bears Motor Club.

Events manager Tom Holmes said: "The museum, as the home of the tank, is the perfect place to celebrate everything tracks and wheels. Building on the success of last year, we have packed a programme of activities for car, bike, and, of course, tank enthusiasts."

On top of the displays, visitors will get the chance to discover how soldiers used bicycles during the Great War with object handling and a dress-up session, and the Southern Armour Group will be demonstrating large-scale remote-controlled tanks and military vehicles.

Attendees can also explore the museum and travel through 100 years of armoured warfare with 300 tanks, interactives, objects, and moving human stories.

To view the full programme and book tickets to the event, visit