WITH clear evidence that climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse are happening faster than predictions it's more than a desperate shame that BCP's Draft Plan fails to accelerate the "Earthshot" ambition needed to protect our well-being. East Dorset Friends of the Earth have produced many an authoritative document to this effect over the decades.

Other groups have also drawn public attention to the tsunami of mess we are making.

While the BCP plan is well-intentioned and contains many good ideas the public needs to be aware of the dramatic warnings of BCP's climate guru in 2022.

Unfortunately the words "decarbonisation at speed and scale" are nowhere to be seen in this plan and nor are Dr Montgomery's red alerts in his punchy 89 page assessment.

Nor can we see the multiple means by which we collaborate to ensure a future which includes harvests, shelter and clean water.

As the King points out in a kindly letter to me, we can all help. To do that we must all be updated as to the size of the problems.

Local, national and global responses must all move up many gears if we want to leave oxygenated oceans and a thriving biosphere. Appalling harm has already been baked in. Further damage must be avoided. This should be a priority issue.

Citizens' Assemblies, free public transport, clean investments only, pension fossil fuel and other carbonic divestments, a circular, no-waste economy, community energy schemes, planting many trees including fruit, nut trees, medicinal herbs as well as water harvesting and respect for all life forms would help.

Salvaging all resources might give us a chance to survive as Cuba did in the 1990s.

We really must avoid further breaching of planetary boundaries and triggering irreversible tipping points.

A D-Day response would be helpful.

A Determination Day to deal with atmospheric carbon overload before it escalates further would inspire the #Fridays4Future generation who continue to be unheard despite their many determined pre-Covid rallies and inspiring speeches in Bournemouth Square.

Susan Chapman

Parkwood Road,