A YOUTH centre has been taken over by a new team with plans to reopen its doors in June. 

Teaching, mentoring and training organisation, Specialist Independent College (SWRAC), has entered a joint venture with BCP Council to reopen the doors of Turlin Moor youth centre believing there is a strong need for the service. 

Given the keys at the start of April, the takeover has taken a year to organise but SWRAC managing director, Adrian Gunner, 60, is keen to open it back up again after its closure in autumn 2023. 

He said: "I think it's opportunist really, we know there's a need for youth club activity and support and somewhere for kids to hang out. What we've had in the back of our minds is 'wouldn't it be lovely to run our own youth club for special educational needs people as well?'.

"This is the first opportunity we've had to give that a go so our plan is to have three nights a week as a youth club to begin with and one of that three would be for SEN young adults."

Turlin Moor is SWRAC's first youth club, normally working as a college under contract with the Department of Education

SWRAC has brought on an experienced team, including Demi McGuinness, 27, who has worked in youth clubs since she was 12.

She said: "It takes them away from the streets and gives them somewhere safe to go. The vulnerability that they cause themselves hanging outside the shop at 11pm at night, if they come here, do activities, get tired, they'll want to go home.

Although in fairly good condition, the group has delayed the opening to clean, repaint and refurbish the building which has an indoor basketball court, kitchen and games room. 

SWRAC is also looking for staff to run the centre and has asked anyone interested to get in touch.

Cathi Hadley, Corporate Director, Children’s Services, BCP Council said:- “Turlin Moor Youth Centre will re-open thanks to the work of South West Regional Assessment Centre (SWRAC) and its continued commitment to deliver better youth and community services to Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council residents, in partnership with BCP Youth Services.

"In response to the ongoing challenging financial climate, it is incredibly important that we find innovative solutions to ensure that young people are receiving a consistent, high quality, holistic service."